la autobiografía

me llamo kaia lane, but i am also known as kai, mr. lane, god, that tall one, or that disturbing one.

初めまして (hajimemashite).

i like writing, drawing, photography, fashion, books, food, and languages. you can often find me on my computer at a local teahouse drinking a tea-based product, listening to music, writing, and on pinterest creating boards for anytime that i like.

i strongly dislike america; forced religion; protection/protectors of those who have sexually assaulted, abused, and/or verbally assaulted people of color, children, women, and members of the lgbtq+ community; racists; homophobes; classists; xenophobes; and anyone or anything that is against or doesn’t believe that everyone should be treated with equity. (the list can go on for miles if i don’t stop there)

and though i have a dislike for children and public speaking, i want to become a teacher. even though i have a dislike for children and public speaking, my love of learning overcomes that dislike. i want to get others to love learning too because i feel the american public school system makes children think they hate learning, but in truth it is because they hate school.

welcome to my blog, aka my mind, and have fun. and please don’t be a ばかやろう.