Don’t Be Afraid

People are afraid of traveling. It originates from the behavior of being afraid to try new things, and people need to stop being afraid.

Each society makes up stereotypes of other cultures to prevent people from traveling more and experiencing the world. This doesn’t protect us. It just makes us ignorant, racist, nationalistic, and it halts progression. Though nationalism isn’t inherently bad, in the past, it has been the cause for many atrocities, for example, World War 2.

The government warns the public about the “dangers” of a country to put fear into the general public, causing hatred and fear of that country and whoever comes from that country. This fear doesn’t apply just to traveling, it applies to immigration too.

A prime example is the group of people coming up from Central America. The president of the US uses certain negative words when talking about the group. Illegal; Crisis; Gang members; Invasion; Illegal aliens. These are some of the words and phrases that Trump uses to describe the people coming from Central America. People can be very impressionable, no matter what age they are. So when someone hears these negative words, especially from a person in power, they’ll believe them.

Before I went to Japan and South Korea, people in my life warned me about the dangers of the countries. The people who warned me of the dangers of Japan and South Korea have never been to Japan and South Korea. I didn’t listen to them because I already knew that fearing other countries is unwarranted. I felt safer in Japan and South Korea than I do in America; Everyone there is so kind. From my experiences, people are afraid to travel to Japan because of the stigma Americans still have from World War 2 and Pearl Harbor, and people are afraid to travel to South Korea because of the fear of nuclear war.

People are also afraid of traveling outside their comfort zone because supposed gang activity within a city. I’ve heard people tell me they are afraid to travel to New York City because they heard that a new gang is in the city and is making the city “dangerous”. I’ve heard this about every major city; Tokyo, Beijing, Moscow, Seoul, Los Angeles, etc.

People shouldn’t be afraid to travel outside of their comfort zone, both figuratively and literally. We as a collective need to stop isolating ourselves and fearing each other. We’re all the same, but we are also different. We need to connect with our similarities and accept that we are different to become a more global community.