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Some Music Today Kind of Sucks

These days I find it hard to find musical artists that I actually truly love. I do listen to a lot of music and I always say I "love" it; but when I say that I don't really mean it. Music that I really love is music that has a deep meaning behind the lyrics and has a meaning that isn't so overused like a lot of today's music. I'm not saying that today's artists aren't good singers or song writers, I am just saying that they aren't being that original. Today we hear a lot of songs about smoking weed or the idea of love that seems to be exactly the same in a lot of songs, and I am starting to think these topics are getting boring to listen to, are overused, and unoriginal. For example, artists and bands like Justin Bieber, One Direction, 5 Seconds of Summer, Fall Out Boy, Nicki Minaj, Ariana Grande, Wiz Kalifa, and many other artists are good examples of songs that fall into what I am talking about. I like or liked listening to a lot of these artists (well except Wiz Kalifa and Justin Bieber) and I thought they were good and I was or is into their music. But as I grew up and started listening more to the lyrics of the songs I realized that I kind of didn't like the music. I still like the sound of their music but I don't get that feeling of  "Oh my god this music is unbelievable" anymore. Now in order to love a song I need to have original music to achieve any of this. And in my search of good, original music I have only found a few artists that fit my criteria. My Chemical Romance and Twenty One Pilots are two prime examples. These bands have original lyrics that have a deeper meaning behind them and put original ideas into their whole personas. My Chemical Romance is an amazing band (definitely not everyone's cup of tea) and have very interesting and dark lyrics. A lot of their lyrics revolve around the...

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YouTube Is Now Under a Giant Pile of Salt

Recently YouTube released a set of new guidelines for its monetization. It basically says you can't be apart of the monetization if your videos aren't "advertiser friendly". You can't have swearing, sexual humor, controversial or sensitive subjects or event, promotion of drugs, or violence in the videos you produce or you might possibly be taken off of monetization. And I understand where the are coming from and why they decided to make and release these guidelines. From my understanding, YouTube is putting up these guidelines for the companies who have their ads on the videos who are apart of monetization and don't want to show their products or services on videos with "inappropriate" content. Even though I know that I still think it is stupid that this is happening, but I am not writing this to show my opinions. I am writing this to talk about all the smart-ass remarks people are posting on Twitter under the #Youtubeisoverparty tag; which is trending currently. There are YouTube memes, people are throwing shade, and people are talking about how it is stupid. The popular YouTuber Updates account has tweeted, "YouTube's new rule is basically putting a quarter in the swear jar.. #YoutubeIsOverParty" and " 'If it ain't broke don't fix it" #YoutubeIsOverParty' ".  This is an example of the shade being thrown. People are making TRIGGERED memes, for example: " Leafyishere: "p-p-p-p-play that sh-" Youtube: TRIGGERED" and  " Shane Dawson: *fixes hair* Youtube: TRIGGERED" are prime examples. Other things that have been posted are videos of YouTubers cussing, pictures of Neville Papperman from iCarly, screenshots of YouTube videos of just smiling and nothing else, people talking about where popular YouTubers like Dan Howell or Pewdiepie or Shane Dawson are going to be making their money, and actual YouTubers tweeting about it. Reading all of these tweets is hilarious. These guidelines were released so recently and now it so one of the trending tags. It is funny and interesting how people across the internet can do all of this. Now I am going to quickly talk about my opinions about this topic. I personally think these...

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“Hey what’s up you guys”

I haven't been able to say this my whole life but now I have an idol. And no I am not saying it in an ironic sense and no it is definitely not an idol that will be short lived in my eyes. This person is Connor Franta. If you are a teen or young adult who loves to watch many Youtube videos you may know who he is. Connor Franta is a creator. Some people may say he is just a Youtuber, but I think differently. Yes, he is technically a Youtuber but that is not all who he is. He may have started on Youtube but the fame from Youtube made him into so much more. I say creator because he not only creates on Youtube. He creates on Instagram in beautiful photography, he created a business, and he creates products. Connor is such a thoughtful, savvy, and creative person. After multiple years on the Youtube scene and his fame growing he decided to fully think about the future. He knew and knows that his fame on Youtube may not last forever, like anything on the internet popularity can die out. You must know how to change in able to survive and Connor did just that. He started out with making a compilation of music into an album and put it on sale. After the sells on that were big he decided to make more soon turning into the idea of Heardwell. Him, his agent Andrew Graham, and Jeremy Wineberg founded the music label Heardwelll. Connor especially wanted to create a different side to music, more focusing on the music side. Since many Youtubers are creating music he, along with other people, created a way to showcase music by Youtubers and emerging artists. Shortly after Heardwell became such a popular idea Connor decided he wanted to grow a business, which was easy since his huge fan base is always willing to support him. He decided to start his business off, after music, with coffee. He talked to a coffee roaster business in San Francisco, created a label for the bag, and introduced it....


The Beginning of School

School is about to start in a little more than two weeks. I am partially excited because it gives me something to do that isn't manual labor and I am able to see my friends daily, but like most teenagers I am also not excited for the first day of school. First of all, my first day of school is the exact day of my birthday. I was really hoping this year I could actually celebrate my birthday on the actual day and not be spending my 16th birthday stuck in a hot and stuffy classroom filled with people who annoy me. Also, I am not looking forwards to waking up so early in order to be on time to my first class every morning since my first class of the day isn't even a class period, it is zero period. A time where I have to be in class at 7:50 in the morning instead of 8:40 in the morning. My brain is going to have a hard time doing that since I have been waking up at 10 every morning. But it is a new school year so I should be excited. Also, it has just dawned on me that I have this school year plus two more until I am technically an adult and I am somewhat expected to be living on my own, going to college, having my own job, know what I am going to do, and be paying my own bills. And thinking about this makes my brain hurt because currently I am just a 15 year old who was just in middle school, or even elementary school, not too long ago. My god. Most people might think that about two or three years isn't that long but years go by extremely fast. At least they do for me. All I have to worry about right now is to take a shower every once in a while, get good grades, and stay out of trouble, but in a couple of years the worries will probably multiply. Jeez....


My Experience at the Emotional Roadshow

Yesterday I had the privilege of being able to see one of my favorite musical group, Twenty One Pilots (TØP), in concert and in the flesh. All I can say about the show is wow. I already thought they were amazing before the show but now I am impressed at the kind of show they can produce. With the amazing drumming and trumpet skills Josh Dun (Spooky Jim) and the amazing singing, piano skills, and any other instrument Tyler Joseph can play, they put on quite the show. Even the opening act of MuteMath was a wonderful performance and I really enjoyed their the part of the show they we apart of. Now lets get straight to the question that I hope some people are wondering about. What happened during the show? Well, that is a pretty long story, but I am more than happy to explain it. Okay, lets set the scene. Twenty One Pilots finally came out after MuteMath and after a extremely long wait. You hear the thousands of screams start to erupt from around the arena and the lights go off. Colorful lights on stage start flashing, you here a rapid clicking sound, and some intense music starts to play. The thin curtain blocking your view falls from where it is hanging and through the smoke you see two figures with ski masks and suits on; one at drums and one underneath a lit up microphone hanging from the ceiling. The screams get louder as the music you have been waiting to hear begins to play. Fairly Local plays throughout the arena and everyone joins in singing the song. After the intro of the song begins Tyler Joseph begins to sings while Josh Duns rocks on the drums. The lights change from blue and purple to red and people start to sing along. Tyler keeps singing while the workers on stage help produce a magic act of Tyler going from the main stage to a section in the chairs. After the song he reappears back onto the stage. After a few songs both Josh and Tyler have already took off their...